Is a Coworking Space Right For You?

If you’re currently working just on your laptop, without an actual office or company location to be a part of, then multiple scenarios might have led you to such an arrangement. Each story is as unique as the individual behind it, but they do break down into common categories. Some people working from home are part of a larger organization, but working remotely or for a company that has no physical location, like an online outfit or website. Some started their operation with an entrepreneurial attitude, and others just turned to the gig economy and freelancing online as a way to make money when traditional avenues weren’t available or cutting it.

For those that have done time in cubicle farms or corporate environments that weighed heavily on them over the years, the initial months of working alone can feel so very liberating. You can work from your kitchen table in your pajamas, and in some cases, you can put in the hours you want. If you are coworking in New York City then you want to follow this link and find out about the Farm.

It’s a good life for many, but after a while, the freedom does turn into loneliness, as human companionship is missed terribly. Also, some find that motivation and discipline can be hard to come by in the comforts of home.

That’s lead to the rise of coworking spaces. These businesses are office locations open to paying professionals who all want to work in a professional space, even if their employers, private firms, companies, or even industries are entirely different and varied.

Coworking spaces offer you, the untethered mobile professional, the chance to have a dedicated workspace away from home where you can get work done without the distractions of entertainment, family, pets, children, Netflix, or even your own bed or bathtub. Also, you might get to make new acquaintances with others also working in the coworking space.

The physical space you get in a coworking space does vary on what you pay for and what’s available. Some have private offices available, but most have tables and desks laid out in larger rooms with many people sharing the place. You might even get your own assigned space for a reservation rate or fee, but being flexible is usually cheaper.

Some things most coworking spaces have will, of course, include Internet connections, furniture, power outlets, and faxing and coffee or snacks to enjoy.

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