The Best Pizza Restaurants in New York

Although there may be many different types of foods that we enjoy eating, one kind of food that typically leads the list is pizza. From the time that many of us were very young, we enjoyed pizza on a regular basis. Even when we get older, we may have a night every week that is dedicated to eating this favorite dish! It is little wonder, therefore, that most people tend to seek out the most delicious and satisfying pizza dishes in their local area. They may also do so when they are traveling, especially when going to New York.

New York is more than just a great place to visit and to see the sights; it is also a fantastic place to eat. When it comes to pizza, there are far too many options to name. New York is even known for its pizza, and regardless of where you happen to eat this dish, you may find that it is referred to as “New York style pizza.” When you know the top restaurants in New York, however, it provides you the opportunity to get a taste of what this dish truly has to offer. Here are the best choices available.

Champion Pizza – This is a to-go kind of place with a few tables for seating. If you are looking for a quick slice then Champion serves up the best slice in town. See their reviews on Foursquare.

Lucali – This restaurant is not only known for its delicious pizza, but it is also known for the surrounding area as well. After all, Al Capone was married in the neighborhood where this Italian restaurant is found. You are going to love the pizza offered at this restaurant but if you decide to visit, make sure that you bring cash because they don’t take credit cards.

L&B Spumoni Gardens – If you are looking for a fantastic slice of pizza or if you want an entire pie, you really can’t go wrong with this restaurant. In fact, they have been serving the Italian neighborhood where they reside as well as many people who travel from around the world to visit for over seven decades. Truly, this is a type of pizza that is world-famous and if you want to try something different, try the upside down pie. It includes the cheese directly on the crust and the sauce on top.

Lombardi’s – When it comes to pizza restaurants with a history, you need to consider Lombardi’s as one of the oldest. In fact, they even claim that they are the first pizzeria in America. They have been around since 1905, and they offer a local taste, but make sure you save enough time to visit. You will always find plenty of crowds in Lombardi’s, including locals who know how delicious the pizza is and tourists who make this a stop on their way through.

Many other restaurants in New York could be included in this list of the best pizza restaurants. The best thing you can do is to try some that are at the top of the list and then to do your own experiment and come up with a list of your own.

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